Thursday, May 1, 2008


I've been thinking: maybe the reason Dr. Buly didn't prescribe any PT for me this time around is because I don't need any. Maybe? I've been at the gym three days now riding the bike and keeping my leg as strong as I can, and today for the first time I got back on my yoga mat. BLISS. I started laughing because it made me so happy to be there. It's a lot of rolling around on the floor and not much else, but I'll take what I can.

And Gentle Reader, lest you think I've forgotten you, fret not. I know I owe you a picture. I actually took some this morning, but it still looks like someone mugged my leg. You'll have to wait, because I can't bring myself to post it yet (although I am more than happy to drop trou for anyone that comes over, so...).

Overall it feels so good to have the metal out of me. I feel like my leg's been liberated. There's a freedom in it, an independence that I've been missing. Something about it coming out is a signal to my mind and my body that I don't need it anymore, that I'm strong enough without it.

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