Tuesday, August 7, 2007


Feeling strong, feeling good, teaching, not in pain, no muscles spasming (although I have a new physical therapist working with Gym Teacher whose sole job is to stretch me; I enjoy the effort-free aspect of it, but not so much the crap-that-hurts aspect. I think he's Dutch). But a new/old development - I'm clicking again. It started Saturday, I'm not sure why, and it's not all the time, but it's audible. I used to click like this, as well as the infamous "clunk" that dysplastics are all too familiar with - but it doesn't hurt or feel like anything. Mostly it just makes me self conscious, like I'm some kind of bionic robot lady with metal parts who clicks when she walks. (Wait a minute...)

In other news, insurance finally paid the surgery bill. There are still some bits and pieces unresolved (for some reason, they only want to cover 1/3 of the anaesthesia bill from surgery. Does that mean I should have been 2/3 awake? Although apparently I was) but this was the biggest chunk, and a large sigh of relief was released by all. Meaning me and probably my mom.


JC said...

How did they describe your anesthesia? Did they call it general, meaning were you intubated (on breathing machine)? Did you have a epidural and conscious sedation? From your previous post it sounds like you had the latter. In which case the conscious sedation part makes you sleepy- but you are still awake enough to breath for yourself. Part of that sedation is an amnesic- to be sure you have no memory of any discomfort.

Sarah said...

Yes JC - from my understanding it was the latter, an epidural and amnesic. I have no memory of any of it whatsoever, but glad to hear I was probably sleepy and thus not spouting nonsense as is my want.