Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Running Update

I'm still crap at it.


Sam said...

Hey there! I've been reading your blog in preparation for my PAO surgery on the 7th of February. I just saw this latest post about you running...which gave me a lot of hope. I've been told that I might not be back running...ever. I'm determined to get back out there at some point (of course this is coming from pre-op Sam...not post-op I'm in a LOT of pain Sam). Anyway, would love to hear more about how you are finding it getting back to running. Any advice post-surgery for someone who also wants to get out there again...although probably just as badly as I did before...which is sad.

Sarah said...

Hi Sam -
First I just want to say good luck on the 7th - you'll be so much happier after surgery (maybe not immediately afterwards, but eventually!). Second, I have to say that I am not a runner by any stretch of the imagination, and that the running I've been referring to has been short spurts brought on by necessity (crossing the street, catching a train). I still limp when I run, because the muscles around the joint aren't strong enough yet. However, on the positive side, when I was still doing PT, my therapist was encouraging me towards running as a goal. The kind of exercise you'll be able to do first will be more non-weight bearing, like the stair climber, bike etc at the gym. This will at least hopefully help with the desire to move and sweat, although I know it's not the same as running. Since I don't know your situation I can't really comment on whether you'll run again, but if you are persistent and disciplined with your PT I'm sure you'll make great advances and be able to do things (like walk long distances) that you couldn't do pre-surgery. Being in as good condition as possible pre-surgery also makes a huge difference to the recovery, so make sure you're doing whatever you can now (but obviously not overdoing it!)
best of luck!

Denise said...

Hi Sarah,
Been reading your blog for many months now and it really is a tonic. It certainly has provided Lauren and me with many a laugh and tons of encouragement during the gloomy moments.
Your progress has been inspirational and I really hope you:
- get to run as far and freely as you desire
- whip those damn Insurance companies into shape
- get tons of work without having to wear the "Will work for surgery" sign
Don't give up on the blog - ever. It's the way I relax after a day in the coalmine :-)

Nadine Fawell said...

But you can run, right? So not as crap as you think...

Jennifer M said...

Shoot. I couldn't run UNTIL I had my first PAO! Keep it up!