Thursday, January 3, 2008

This Time Last Year

I was scrabbling around trying to find someone who knew what to do with me.

I could take about 25-50 steps, depending on the day, and then would be in pain any time I tried to walk after that.

I was sick of hearing the phrase 'pain management' from well-meaning nurses and doctors who were not themselves experiencing any pain (I don't want to MANAGE my pain, I want to be in a body that is not IN pain. Do you see the difference, smiley nurse lady?)

To my fellow hip women, wherever you may be on this mad journey: there is a light, I promise, and there are so many of us out there now to support you getting there. Kick-ass Lauren and I are almost done with our secret project that we hope will make things even better.


JC said...

Thank you. My journey is about to explode. Surgery in 6 days. Yikes. Excited about your secret project.

Cameo said...

Thank you for sharing your wonderful story. I am currently in the boat that you were last year where I am doing PT and pain management. This is very hard for me because I don't like to take anything that I don't have to, especially if it is just going to cover up some of the pain. I don't even like to take anything for a headache. This is a very recent diagnosis for me. Do you have any suggestions for explaining my concerns to my orthopedic? Also, I am having troubles with being as active as usual, I see you are a yoga does yoga impact the dysplastic hip? Thanks!

Sarah said...

JC, you will be fine. It's hard, but you will be fine.

I don't know enough details of your situation to comment well, but I know that for me, I got to the point where I was no longer willing just to take Advil, or not take it and be in pain, and it was absolutely impacting my life to the point where I quite literally couldn't walk much any more. If you're considering surgery, I would say do it, because I'm sitting here now having walked around a lot today with no pain at all. Which to me is much better than Advil. As far as yoga and the hip, I definitely advise taking a class in a method that emphasizes alignment such as Iyengar or Anusara, and just being cautious if you're new to yoga. But it helps both to strengthen the muscles around the joint and to keep it flexible. Hope that's helpful!

Cam said...

Thanks for your insight! I REALLY appreciate it!