Friday, April 13, 2007

Hot Pocket

Got this done two days ago.
It was amazing. I do stuff like this about once a year.

But I was a human Hot Pocket. My pregnant Eastern European aesthetician rubbed me with essential oils and then wrapped me in something like tin foil and then covered me with more blankets and then turned on a heating pad underneath and let me cook while she gave me a facial. And at first it was just nice and warm and sort of a soothing, swaddling effect, kind of like the MRI without the jackhammering sounds and actually let's be honest a lot nicer, the MRI was a bitch.

And then when she wrapped my face with warm towels I started to get really, really hot. Like sweat rolling off my belly down the side of my body, from my scalp onto my neck, every part of my body is cooking in oil hot.

"Any time you need we give you water if you feel dehydrated," said the aesthetician. It felt a bit like a battle of wills, me against the sweat. I will not give in and ask to be unwrapped. I am not this body and mind (although I don't think this is what the ancient yogis had in mind). I will be the baddassest toughest strongest detoxifier this woman has ever seen (as if she gave a crap).

And then right at the moment when I thought I was going to cave, it was over. Showered and clean and walking out on the street I felt incredible. I highly recommend it (although the battle of wills part is optional I believe). They are also renowned for talking you into additional services while you are prone on the table (I cave every time on that part).

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