Saturday, April 7, 2007

Toe Cheese/Minutiae

Talking to my friend yesterday and I realized I hadn't written anything in a week. Because nothing's happening. Holding pattern continues until Monday when I see Dr. Helfet for my 3rd/4th opinion, which will be described in great detail, never fear.

But if you're trolling the interwebs looking for something to read on a cloudy Saturday afternoon, perhaps you may be interested in the mighty bone-building blood-strengthening immune-system-polishing toxin-dumping diet that I am doing my best to stick to so that this little brokedown palace can be super mighty before and after.

What it does not involve: Bone soup. Although bone soup was strongly suggested as a great way to build bone strength, and as vigorously as I nodded through the whole description ("Get a bunch of beef knuckle bones from the butcher and then boil the crap out of them until they're just white white white, and then you can jazz it up with some greens and vegetables and drink that every day") as it turns out, I was balls-free in the execution.

Seaweed soup as an alternative, is semi-grossness. I tried for a while boiling kombu and putting seaweed in. Not so much. Although if you are a homemade miso-maker you can use it as your base and then the flavor is disguised better.

But the basic premise is this, and this is not only for any of the needs described above but for general good health: EAT YOUR GREENS. Anywhere and everywhere. The darker the better. However you need to cook them to make them palatable. Eat these things as well: root vegetables, cruciferous vegetables (broccoli and cauliflower), underwater vegetables (oh just hold your nose and eat your seaweed it's frickin good for you); sunflower and pumpkin seeds; whole grains; beans; butter, flaxseed oil (put it on your salad), olive oil, sesame oil.

The back story to eat your greens is the body does well in an alkaline state, and not so well in an acidic state. Bones in particular suffer from an acid body state because it leaches the minerals out of the bones and makes them weak, but it can also throw off your your lady parts ph balance and make funky things happen. (TMI! TMI!) Acid forming foods are, of course, the ones we want to lay on the couch and stuff in our gobs as we watch SNL reruns with Justin Timberlake and wonder why we're single and what that itchy sensation is all about: sugar and everything else refined, so cake, cookies, ice cream, white bread, white pasta, etc.

I'm also on crazy amounts of supplements, shakes, drinks etc from this company Isagenix. There's an involved story about sherpas trolling the Himalayas for ingredients; I resisted for a long time as I have never been a vitamin popper but finally gave in and I have to say in particular, that the Ionix Supreme at night is helping me sleep a lot better. No, I'm not involved in the sales pyramid, although it's never the wrong time for a passive income stream.

Like I said, toe cheese. Real information to follow on Monday. Happy Easter/Passover!

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