Saturday, March 31, 2007

Counting Down

2 more weeks of teaching, 3 more weeks of practice with this body. I think it would feel less world-changing if I wasn't in the field that I'm in - since I spend my days running around in my pajamas (basically) pulling body parts around (mine and other people's), I think this is what it would feel like to be a pianist getting a prosthetic finger (can they even do that?).

I'm hyperaware of the limited number of chances I have left to practice in version 1.0. Practice is the time that I get to move and feel good, instead of walking which just hurts from about the 20th step of the day til the end. It makes each time more precious, particularly because of the increasing physical limitations. Thank you to this little body for doing so well for so long, and all the funny things it's done to try and hold it all together, like scoliosis and a tilted sacrum.

Then again, I do get to go to the Bahamas the week before surgery.

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