Saturday, March 17, 2007

Calming Down Again

OK. Here's what I'm thinking.

There's more than one way to deal with the current situation in my hip, and different doctors are going to have different opinions about what the best way to do that is.

Dr. Buly did say at our first meeting there was a possibility that both the PAO and the FO would be necessary, since my problems are both with the acetabulum and the femur. It makes sense to me that the less invasive surgery (FO) would be the preferable first attempt and that if needed the PAO would follow.

This whole thing may also make Dr. Buly at least think harder about why he wants to do the FO and that can't be a bad thing. I'm still scheduled for April 24th and I'm just going to be a little bit of a pain in everyone's ass until then so that I'm satisfied that the right thing is going down.

It's funny, I never understood why patients having surgery always seem to insist on questioning the doctor or becoming experts themselves - didn't they trust the person to do the right thing? But now I'm starting to see how even in the medical field there's a fair amount of opinion floating around in the decision making process, that it's not just a single answer spat out of a series of tests, and as much as we can trust another human being to choose what's right for us, in the end, it's a human, fallible choice.

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