Saturday, March 31, 2007


Mom and Dad for bringing me here.

Matty and Marla for starting a new chapter.

Lea for the years of unconditional loving and kindness.

Calvin for making it possible. The gods only test the ones they love.

GuruMa for awareness in every moment.

Every single student who shows me how much I can learn from them.

Dr. Buly for being the top in the country and a subway ride away.

Glenys for rocket fueling my body.

Carole for doing the same with my mind.

Eve for the pocket notes and all they represent. AFE.

Paisley for the internal rotation and the patient, maternal repetition.

Kimmi for knowing how to make me laugh, and for watching me grow.

Julie for the prayers and the emails.

Bentley for driftwood in a giant ocean, and for flying.

This moment right now for existing.

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