Saturday, March 24, 2007

Hurry up and Wait

A well known phenomenon in the acting business where it is implied, usually by a stressed out 2nd Assistant Director, that it is CRUCIAL that the makeup person FINISH getting you ready so that you can be on set within the next 10 minutes at the MOST, at which point you then stand around for half an hour while the client discusses something totally unrelated to you and then it's time for a union ruled lunch break.

Also what I've done to myself in this here situation. I'm so prepared it's ridiculous. I have 5 separate lists of everything from questions for surgeons to what I'm bringing to the hospital to what foods I should be eating. If surgery was tomorrow I'd be totally down. I kind of wish surgery was tomorrow.

And so, while we're all standing around waiting for something to happen, I present for your entertainment:

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