Sunday, March 25, 2007

Sort of Helpful Picture?

I'm trying to find pictures of a femoral osteotomy but most of the ones online are of dogs. As my student said this morning, "You're just like a big old Neufie puppy with bad hips!"

Indeed I am.

So I think this gives sort of an idea, especially 3 and 4... I'm not crazy about the question marks on the picture however. I hope this doesn't translate to the doctor opening up the patient and being like "I guess we cut it up here... and rotate it...? Prolly that'll work... now where'd I put that hacksaw..."

I was talking to another student who as it turns out is an anesthesiologist. One of the things I love about teaching is that as soon as everyone puts on their sweaty gym clothes the playing field is leveled - you've got Big Time Record Producer next to Stay At Home Mom and can't tell who's who. Anyway we were talking about how much drugs I was going to be on (how many drugs? Grammar?) and he thought that they could definitely do the surgery with a local anaesthetic. However as I am not so interested in listening to my thigh bone being cut through I believe I'll be taking the Give-Me-All-The-Drugs-You-Have-Right-Now option.

We were talking about the epidural as well and he said that even though everyone "knows" someone that's been paralyzed by the needle being inserted too far into the spinal column, the chance of any sort of serious consequences are about 1 in 100,000. I've been wondering whether it would affect my ability to lie on my back and he said the catheter is tiny and you can't even feel it. And then he got that little glint in his eye and said "The epidural is good... you want the epidural."

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