Friday, June 29, 2007

Have Had

When replying to the question "What happened to you?", two answers come to mind: "I HAVE hip dysplasia" and "I HAD hip dysplasia." I stumble through the answer because I don't know which to say. Do I still have it? Is it gone now I've been 'fixed'? Strictly technically speaking, the socket itself is still shallow, so although now I have much better coverage of the head of the femur into said shallow socket, it ain't perfect.

And so there's that word, that doggedly follows me around, just biding its time until I feel tired, or low, or depleted in some way, to whisper in my ear: "You'll be lopsided for the rest of your life. Maybe not a lot, but enough."

And to it I now reply: "Yeah? Well, can you do this?"

"Cos I did it today. Both sides."

(photo credit Swaha Yoga)

1 comment:

pete said...

Well I still can't do it, and my hips are fine :o)