Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Your 8th Grade Gym Teacher

If you were wondering whatever happened to her, fear not. She is alive and well and administering physical therapy with her same old no-nonsense attitude. She still wears her coral shorts and modified Flock of Seagulls haircut. I think she may have been wearing nude hose (that word gives me the willies) with her tan leather walking shoes but I didn't want to stare.

And she still has that all-business way of grabbing your body without asking first, including things like your sacrum. Or perhaps that was just my gym teacher.

My default with new people is usually to try and make them laugh. But she did not crack a single smile no matter how much I soft-shoed for her. Probably because I don't even walk well, let alone dance. But still.

Anyway I see her twice a week for the next 6 weeks. Yesterday she asked "how much work do you want to do?" and I was like, "you're asking a yoga teacher who hasn't been able to move for 6 weeks if she wants to move her body...?" Basically she's added on new exercises and modified some of my current ones. I still have to use one crutch to walk so I don't develop a limp. And I had to fill out a form with my PT goals. My goal is to make her crack a smile. I think it would feel good.

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Anonymous said...

I follow you on the touching thing.

My school always required that we shower after gym class, and the locker room had the communal showers that were right out in the open.

I didn't have a problem with the locker room nudity thing, I figured were all girls so who cared who saw what?

But our gym teacher would always stand there with a clip board and would mark down your name as she saw you walk past her on your way to the shower. There wasn't anywhere to hang a towell, so everyone had to walk nude to and from the showers. As we would walk by our teacher would quite offten slap us on the bare butt.

She was married and had two kids at the time, so I know she wasn't a lesbian. And she was a very nice woman. But all of us girls must have been slapped on the bare butt by her at least 50 times each that year.

I'm sure it was innocent on her part, and she probably was just being playfull and trying to seem like one of the girls herself. but I can't imagine teachers getting away with doing that this day and age!?