Sunday, June 10, 2007


Used to mean - well, you know.

(Actually it hasn't meant that to me in years, and back when it did, I had often already partaken.)

Now it means - if I'm not at home taking a nap yet, I need to get there soon, or else I will be face-planting in the middle of whatever I'm doing (drinking tea, getting a pedicure, crossing the street). Bone-tired late afternoon is the newest theme. Followed by wide awake too-early morning. Neither of which I'm particularly into.

And I realized - we haven't named the plate! If it's going to be in me for a year, it needs a name. Please submit all name ideas as comments, or if that's a hassle, just email your idea to me. I offer Mental Plate into the mix, but there's probably a better one out there. Maybe if I can figure out how to put a poll on here we'll have a vote. Otherwise it'll be a dictatorship of me making the final decision.