Monday, May 14, 2007

Scary Step Moment

I'm supposed to do what's called "toe-touch" with my right foot when I'm crutching or walkering along, which is your foot touches the floor but you're not really standing on it. This is the 20% weight-bearing that I'm limited to (but only 3 more weeks!)(let's hope!)(otherwise I'm going to really lose it!).

Today during my daily Plaza-with-a-side-of-Starbucks jaunt I accidentally fully stepped down onto my right foot. Which I couldn't do a few weeks ago - my knee would buckle if I put even the slightest bit of weight on it because the muscles were so confused about what was going on, so it's goodish, and the fact that I didn't realize I was doing it I think is also goodish, because it means everything's feeling goodish, but it totally scared the pants off me. Luckily I realized what I had done before taking the next step and just stepped backwards onto my left foot. I don't think I can do any serious damage, but I have a mental image of the metal plate buckling. I don't even know if that's possible, or if it's just a little paranoid fun dance for me. Please weigh in if you have any knowledge about metal plates.

(I keep typing mental plates by mistake. Perhaps I need a mental plate as well.)

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