Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Because They Are Calloused, And Because They Are My Palms

When I was teaching I had all kinds of random rough patches of skin, especially on my feet, from various poses, from kneeling to do adjustments, things like that. Now that I'm 'walking' around a lot more my hands are starting to get calloused from the crutches. I couldn't get the picture to not be blurry but here's what it looks like, sort of:

Yeah. I know. It's a blurry picture of a hand. But if you look closely you can see the skin at the base of my palm is darker and has actually blistered a little... it sounds like I'm trying to build a non-existent case, but it's true, I swear...

In other much more interesting news, I had my first conversation today with a woman who has been reading this blog and has to have surgery for a different but equally crippling hip problem. I have total empathy for her, and at the same time I feel glad that all my ramblings are actually helping at least one person that I know of. If there's anyone else out there who's looking down the surgery gun and feels nervous, or scared, or has a million questions like I did, or just wants to talk to someone, go to my teaching site ( and 'sign up' for the mailing list - it's the easiest way to email me without my putting my address out there for the spammers, I won't actually put you on the list, and we can talk.

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