Sunday, May 20, 2007

Trundle, Peas, Twitch and Freak

Did my AIDS trundle this morning, and my shoulders were so sore afterwards I had to put frozen peas on them.

Organic frozen peas, natch. Only the best for my delts.

Also I was reading about opiates and how the phrase "kick the habit" came into use because one of the symptoms of opiate withdrawal is muscle spasms and twitching. I was twitching a lot in the hospital. Even now an occasional twitch will come on.

The world's greatest massage therapist came on Friday and worked on my leg. She likes to laugh when you tell her that it hurts. But she's so good at it and afterwards my leg felt fantastic. She looked at the scar and the first thing she said was, "You're a freak!" Which she says she meant in a good way. Apparently the scar and surrounding muscle is doing outrageously well for only 3 1/2 weeks out, that ordinarily it would be much darker and the skin would be much more puckery. Hurrah for that.

Go yoga body. I hope if you're reading this and you don't yet practice yoga that it will inspire you to at least start to think about it, because I don't think anything else in my life has created the conditions for my body to recover so well. Of course there's a lifestyle that goes along with it, and I am generally pretty healthy (although lately every time I turn around I'm eating a cookie) but how quickly my flexibility is coming back I think is all about my yoga practice. I'm also probably more concerned than the next person about regaining as much flexibility as quickly as I can, so that accounts for my obsessiveness with the Fonda moves, but still. Go to class. Especially if you're a student of mine and you're reading this and thinking that when I start teaching again, because I'll be semi-gimpy, I'll give you an easy time...


Holland Oats said...

rock those shoulder pods sarah & get well soon! (from mike & shelley)

Jill said...

I haven't read up on your progress in a the honesty, the humor and of course, the peas!

When can I take you to see the pathetic Yankees?

-Jill (from 92nd St)

Sarah said...

Crutches + Yankee Stadium + drunk depressed fans = a little scary right now...? Once I get to do weight bearing walking I'm going to take you up on your offer for sure! Hope you're well, much love S

Rhadebe said...

Go AIDS Trundler extraordinaire!
The Children of South Africa and I send a big get well soon and a namaste your way.