Friday, May 11, 2007

Downward Facing Linda

I crutch walked around the entire block today (OK, so I cut through the Plaza, but it was ALMOST a whole block). Linda Hamilton arms, here I come.

Every day I can feel my spine compacting a little more and I have a very specific yearning to get into down dog and just let it traction for a while and get a little space going in there. Obviously it's not really compacting, but I'm so used to stretching things out it that feels very odd to just sit around in my body all day.

What Would Linda Do (If Linda Was Still Doing Pullups in the Hospital at the Beginning of T2)?

"Put a chair at one end of your yoga mat, and then lower yourself from the edge of the chair down onto the mat (like those triceps exercises) and then lay down on your back, and then roll over onto your belly, and then get up onto your hands and knees, and then from there push back to down dog and just keep your right foot toe touching the ground without any pressure on it, soldier."

My thoughts exactly.

1 comment:

matt said...

BOOM! Seriously, Sarah's delts are poppin'!
Love you Sadie!