Monday, May 14, 2007


Last year I did the AIDS Walk to raise money for my non-profit org in South Africa, Ubuntu Education Fund. A lot of you know about Ubuntu because I've hit you up for cash before, but if not, you can check out their website - they do incredible, life-changing work, particularly for AIDS orphaned kids and other vulnerable children. I've seen it firsthand and had the awesome opportunity to teach yoga down there a few years ago (and I want to get back down there to teach again soon!)

The AIDS Walk is this Sunday, and no, I can't really walk, but I'm still asking for sponsorship. Instead of the real walk, I will do 2 laps around the block on my crutches. It will probably take me as long as it takes the walkers to complete 6 miles...

If you're inclined, please sponsor me. Ubuntu is building a new center that will allow them to help thousands more families - this year's AIDS Walk proceeds will go towards the center.

Here's my link - it's easy as pie:

And here's why you want to:

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