Saturday, May 19, 2007

Thigh Swap

When I left the hospital, after lying in bed for 5 days (apart from a twice daily attempt to take a few steps followed closely by near passing out), my left leg was visibly atrophied from disuse, while my right leg was hugely swollen, about twice the size of the other.

Now that I'm walking around a lot more and basically using my left leg to hold up my body, my left leg has become super strong (a Linda leg, if you will) and my right leg, with the swelling going down, has become the wussy leg. I don't even have to flex (Linda!), just sitting in a chair my left thigh is easily an inch higher. My friend Sarah got me a giant exercise ball which I now sit on at the computer in the hopes that it will passively strengthen my right leg. It's actually been helping my sacrum a lot as well and stops me from slumping (a terrible admission for a yoga teacher to make, but sometimes, especially at the computer, I slump).

My dad is here for the weekend keeping an eye on me so I don't revolt and run away while mom goes down to Philly to visit my 94 year-old grandmother. Dad's gatekeeping style is much more laid back. He's working on the assumption that I can do things unless I tell him otherwise, which means I'm not having things brought to me as much as I have gotten used to...

We went out to dinner last night - I crutchwalked to Ninth Avenue - which was the first time since surgery that I've been out for dinner. It was awesome. The more I go out, the less nuclear meltdown prone I feel.

Biologically interesting note about Thursday's melt: the past few weeks while meditating I would get incredibly hot, to the point of sweating (and my mom meditating with me is wrapped head to toe in a fuzzy blanket. We're a funny pair) but Friday morning I was cool as a cucumber. I guess I got it all out.

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