Thursday, May 24, 2007

Hard Out Here For A Gimp

I haven't wanted to write this. I really haven't.
I believe people are good, and that we inherently want to do the right thing and take care of each other.
I hate to make blanket statements about groups of people as if the individual lacks the ability to choose otherwise.
But all that being said:

Holy crap, do New Yorkers not like to get out of the way of the crutches/walker/wheelchair.
Although there have been a few (really few) isolated incidents of people seeing me in whichever version and stepping out of the way to make my life (or my mom's if she's pushing the chair) a little easier, for the most part, I get maybe a two inch directional shift at the very last second, and often an irritated look to go with it. One woman in the movie theater elevator looked like she couldn't believe we were asking her to take a few steps backwards to fit the wheelchair.

(Saw Waitress. It's adorable.)

Now granted, I live in an area where there is a huge tourist influx, and frankly they're often so overwhelmed by this place they're just happy to be standing upright and breathing. I have no bones with them. (ha)

But I know the deal, because I am a New Yorker (and karmically, this means that I've done this to many, many people. Hopefully I'm working it all out now with this experience) and it's very important that we get wherever we're going as quickly as possible while simultaneously shuffling ipod songs, texting, and eating a sandwich.

It's made me very grateful that this is temporary. Because it's rough out there if you can't walk.

(Also please no up-in-armsing about the title. I refer only to myself.)

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