Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Scarpocalypse Now Redux

After my surgeon friend made fun of me for still having the steri-strips on the scar (what do I know? The hospital put the fear of God into me about pulling them off) I went ahead and ripped them all off. Felt gooood. It's totally fine under there, and I'll do another picture so you can see the whole thing top to toe. (Because you're dying to know, right?) It's very Rose-McGowan-with-a-machine-gun-leg looking. Sort of. Not really. More like Sarah-with-a-mental-plate looking. But I feel better if I can pretend I'm a badass. I think Mental Plate would be a great band name.

Also my latest Vicodin prescription is different - before I was taking 1000mg 3 times a day, and these new ones are 750mg. Since quartering a pill is kind of a pain (and these are the dusty crumbly kind), and it's not a huge difference, and I was going to do it pretty soon anyway, I'm going to start stepping down the meds. The sooner I can start drinking again, the better for everyone. Especially my mom.

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