Tuesday, June 12, 2007

PT Update

I got to get on the stationary bike in gym class today.
Then I got to get off it again pretty quickly but it felt good to at least pretend like I was riding a bike for 2 minutes.
And I got some Therabands which are very annoying and dusty but increase the work for the muscles, so cannot be avoided at gym class.
I also got to walk across the room with my gym teacher's hands on my butt.
I wish I was kidding.
I managed not to laugh by biting the inside of my cheek, hard.

She said I was doing very well and that often big shifts happen somewhere around 8 weeks (1 week away for me) so perhaps there will be a miraculous divine intervention and I will wake up walking...

But the coolest news is that my anatomy teacher from yoga teacher training is doing a new course and wants to develop a post-PT fitness regime for me to get me back to full yoga strength! She is the bomb and I can't believe my great good fortune that she wants to work with me. Kriota, you rock.

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