Friday, June 8, 2007

Walking, Waxing, Waning, Waving

So walking down the sweaty NYC street today I realized that I wasn't putting that much weight on the crutch. So I tried crutchless for one step (that looks so wrong written down but anyway) and I only lurched a very little bit! I think I'll be walking for reals in no time! Like soon!

And the scar is starting to get so thin in places that you can barely see it. What's funny is that a little section will disappear, and then reappear a few hours later. Like it's 3am and the party's winding down but you're just that much too drunk to feel like you can muster up the organization to leave and sense that you're probably crashing on the couch, again. Or something. It's really completely nothing like that.

And today Gentle Reader, we wave goodbye to our good friend Vicodin. V's been with us through thick and thin; we will miss your blue mood inducing emotional withdrawal not a whit. Take care, and don't let the door, etc. I'm ready to get my drink back on.

(Sensing a theme...)

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